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  1. Greetings from a friend in Texas, I trust all is well with you and Bella. The contributions you have
    made over the years with your Chefs Opinion, and recipes from your many years of hard work
    as a talented Executive Chef, who traveled the world over, is an achievement that many of us
    only wish we could have followed in your foot steps. I’m sure your readership feels as I do,
    that all of this, would not have been possible, with out your full commitment to share your
    years of knowledge with your many friends, colleague, and those who follow you from all over
    the world. Hans, in your archieves, you listed an article that deals with food descriptions, e.g.
    every food item is shown, what kind of food it is, where it came from, and what value it has
    in culinary preparation. I searched the archieve’s list, but could not find it, it may come under
    another name, that I may have missed. Could you please identify that listing in your very long
    list of culinary items, that took you, many years to assemble, and present to your loyal readers.

    Thanks Hans, and please continue to share with us, your gift, of this wonderful world of
    culinary treasures, that you have so eloquently presented to us.

    All the best and continued good health to you and Bella!

    John R. Vicente CHA/3D

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