” Geschmortes Rinder Herz ” (Braised Beef Heart)

Tonight  I cooked dish two of my “Offal Series” :
– Braised beef heart with steamed chili potatoes and garlic broccoli rabe.




Marinate the meat for the the Braised Heart in cider vinegar for 8 hours,
strain and dry the meat. Season with Dijon, soy saucegarlic powder, onion powder,
and pepper. Sautee on high heat until golden, add onions and garlic and saute
until garlic becomes fragrant. Deglaze with  plenty of good merlot, add demi glace
and simmer until meat is tender, about one hour. Adjust seasoning if necessary.

Potatoes :

Peel potatoes, cut into wedges  and simmer in salted water until almost done.
Strain. Saute chili flakes in plenty of butter on low heat until fragrant, add potatoes
and salt, cover. Leave on very low heat until heated through and fully done.

Broccoli rabe :

Saute Garlic paste until fragrant, add blanched rabe , salt, cayenne and
maggi seasoning and saute until heated through.

Serve with a good sized glass (or two) of the same merlot you use in the sauce  🙂

Bon Appetit !   Life is Good !



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