After  being in the food industry for 50 years, it gives me great pleasure to share
some of my food, as well as some of my thoughts about food and related issues,
as well as other interesting and funny stuff with like-minded
( and sometimes not so like-minded ) food & life enthusiasts.

Enjoy ChefsOpinion !  Life is Good !

Link to :   My own path from Apprentice to Executive Chef


Bio,  Hans D. Susser

Chef Susser has forty-nine years’ experience in the global hospitality industry as
executive chef, regional executive chef, f & b manager and culinary educator
and member of executive committees with some of the most prestigious hospitality operations worldwide, such as Starwood Hotels Int’l, Intercontinental Hotels, Caesar Park Hotels, Avari Towers, Royal Viking Line and Royal Caribbean Cruise Line.
Amongst numerous awards, Chef Susser’ proudest professional moment was when he was awarded the “ 1997 Five Star Diamond Award ” as one of the Best Chef’s in the World.
Chef Susser was senior chef Instructor at Le Cordon Bleu college of culinary arts, and was the main creator of the syllabi for all culinary classes. He also started the school’s “cook book club” , was program chair for the culinary program in English and successfully implemented and started a Spanish language diploma program, both as program chair and teacher. Nominated as Teacher of the Year 2006 and 2011, Chef Susser is also fluent in 3 languages with basic proficiency in 6 additional languages.



  1. Hi Chef:

    Hate to bother you one more time, I’ve tried everthing I know, to locate the article that I was
    looking for, to no avail. The article: one illustration at a time – 6/16/12. i could not find it in the
    June articles, maybe I’m just searching in the wrong parts of your blog, or, it may have been
    an article that belong to another website, that is not part of your blog anymore. Any help on this
    will be greatly appreciated. Keep up the good work on sharing your years of experience and
    knowledege with us.

    All the best,

    John R.Vicente CHA/3D

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  2. Greetings from your friend in Texas Chef Hans:

    I read all of your articles, enjoy them, easy to follow recipe’s, what a great experience to follow
    a really culinary pro such as your self. Hans, my wife Elli is from Frankfurt, been in the U.S.
    for over 50 years, is a good cook, but has trouble with Sauerbraten and Roladen. We normally
    use the Maggi & Knorr mix, its ok, if you improvise a little. During the war, there was very little
    meat in Germany, her mother Paula, used horse meat when she could find it, little Elli did not
    like it at all, felt that the horse was a very special animal and not to be consumed by man. Of
    course, these were hard times in the father land, and one had to get by with food, anyway they

    Anyway, do you have a good rather simple recipe for Sauerbraten and Roladen, she wants to
    make it from scratch, and possibly your recipe may be the way Germans use to make these two
    fine dish’s great with dumplings, a nice gravy, vegetableto accomany, and a nice glass of
    red wine to polish off this meal. The store mix’s while good, is not the best. You are culinary
    pro in matters such as this, I learned how to make it at CIA but it’s more Americanized. I was
    told that one should get the cheapest cut of meat for these two icon entree’s, we tried, its still
    tough, after hour’s of cooking. I told Elli that we will have to improve the quality of meat, in order
    to enjoy a more tender meal. Thanks chef Hans, and all the best to you

    John R. Vicente CHA/3D

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  3. Hi John and Elli,
    I am glad you enjoy ChefsOpinion and I appreciate your kind words. I have just started a new job on monday so I am a bit behind with my post’s, but be assured that I will give you a few good recipes and instructions within the next two weeks.
    Cheers 🙂


    1. Dear Hans:

      Wishing you and your family – “Frohe Weihnachtin und hape neu jahr”

      John & Elli R. Vicente
      We follow your Culinary articles with great interest, and have enjoyed many of the excellent
      recipes. You’r the best Chef – wish I had tutured under your stewardship years ago, too late


      1. Dear Hans & Family:

        So nice of you to remember, recipe and illustrations look fabulous, and tasty. Yes, Elli remembers how it us to be done by her Muther back in the old days, she was born in Frankfurt in 1934, so this recipe did carry on over the years,and continues to be a favourite not only for Germans but expat’s as well. Hans, again thank you, and may you and your family be blessed with good health, happiness, and all the prosperity that comes your way.

        Feliz Navidad!

        John & Elli Vicente

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  4. Hi Chef,

    I am very interested in your opinion of Swai? My firm imports it and I am trying to solicit views of this very inexpensive protien. I have searched your site and found nothing. Don’t be afraid to offend my feelings, I am only looking for your true opinion.

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    1. Hi Jim,
      I am honored that you value my opinion.
      However, I can’t say I am familiar with the fish and although I would like to try and experiment with it, I am not able to source it here in Miami.
      If I ever come across it, I will use it and post about it 🙂
      Best regards,


  5. Hi chef,

    This is Marcela a former student at LCB, I found frozen octopus but is usually hard as a rock any suggestions to solve this problem?

    I hope all is well, let me know where to send your kitkats.

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    1. Hi Marcela,
      Good to hear from you 🙂 The usual way to tenderize octopus:
      first, beat the tentacles with a mallet or sharpening steel, then simmer slowly until meat is tender. This can take from 45 to 120 minutes, depending on the age of the octopus.


  6. Hello Chef,

    We will receive a 1/2 pig shortly and I like making terrines and paté. We will also have a house guest that has severe allergies to all eggs and dairy, so I am looking for a substitute binders. Do you have any suggestions?

    Best regards,



    1. Hi Leif,
      I have used a large variety of substitute binders.
      What worked best for me are
      Superfine Ground Flax Meal, superfine grd rice, and a variety of starches such as corn, arrow root, ung beans, etc.
      It helps to experiment with each and find what works best for an individual recipe 🙂
      Good luck !


    1. Hi Sarah
      Great to hear from you and to see that you have joined the Chefsopinion Family 🙂
      Bella and I arrived well. She was of course very shaken up, but a couple of days with friends and lots of treats were able to fix that.
      I hope your journey to Sweden will give you all you expect and that Sweden will provide a happy new home for you 🙂
      Best regards


      1. Im glad Bella is fine now! Thank you, Sweden has been great and the people I’ve met are amazing!
        Hope your moving is over and you an Bella can rest happily in Cologne.
        Best wishes

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    1. Hi! Yes, near Goteborg, hopefully next year!
      Very excited and loved the weather!! Haha
      I’ve loved the recipes by the way!


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