” Vegetarian Spaghetti Bolognese “



Today I did not feel for meat or seafood for lunch,
so a vegetarian bolognese over pasta seemed just fine. 
Pasta and sauce ! What could be wrong ? Nothing  🙂

Cook the spaghetti until al dente, strain.
Sautee carrots, celery, onion, garlic and oregano in butter,
add crushed tomato, salt, cayenne pepper, maggi seasoning
and simmer until veggies ar done.
Add pasta, generous amounts of butter and grated parmesan cheese.
mix until a light sauce coats your pasta. The texture should be such
that when you plate your pasta there should be no water separating
from the sauce.
(Alternatively, top pasta with sauce as in picture)
If consistency is too liquid, add parmesan cheese.
If too consistency is too thick, add pasta cooking water.

Below find a link to a cooking video of mine where I cooked “Fusilli Bolognese”

Fusilli Cooking Video

Bon Appetit ! Life is Good !


  1. Name of dish i cant agree, because of bologense means there should be meat, when we cook with out that you can call any other name, if you like call as”” spaghetti susser””


  2. Dear Roy,
    You are technically right. However, I still think like a professional chef who writes easy to understand menus. This dish should be called
    ” Vegetarian Spaghetti in the style of Bolognese “, but why complicate thing’s? 🙂
    But thank’s for the input. Life is Good !


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