” Bibimbap “

Tonight’s wonderful. simple dinner,
shared with my friend Leo and my baby Bella     🙂


mixed rice bowl / mixed meal.

Koreans love bibimbap, and this simple rice dish is often used as a tasty way of
using up leftovers.
A generous helping of steamed rice is placed in serving bowls, topped with a
variety of meat and vegetables and topped with a strong fermented soybean paste
called gochujang.
Just prior to eating, you mix everything together —
bibimbap means roughly “mixed up rice” or ” mixes meal”,  and the whole,
wonderful mess is eaten with gusto. Gochujang paste can be found online
and in Korean and other Asian markets.
Season with soy sauce  if you can’t find gochujang.



  • Steamed sticky rice
  • Prepared meat, beef,seafood or poultry
  • Seasoned vegetables
  • Eggs, cooked sunny-side up
  • Gochujang paste (optional)


Sesame oil
Tangy chili sauce

Bon Appettit !   Life is Good !



  1. I’m certain this dish was absolutely as delicious as it looks. What a marvelous combination of flavors and textures. To me, it is reminiscent of a very popular dish I tried in Singapore a few years ago named Kai-ko-tan, except they were big on noodles as a base, more so than rice. Singapore has some of the most unique cuisine combinations in the world due to their mixed heritage of Malay, Indonesian, Chinese and Indian cultural influences. If ‘Bibimbap’ is usually created from left-overs, I imagine it enjoys enormous popularity in Korean households.


  2. Hi Jack,
    I too lived in Singapore . Unfortunately I don’t remember a noodle dish named Kai-ko-tan. (Kai tan ko is a cake)
    Maybe my memory has left me or maybe the name was different? Please let me know 🙂


  3. Chef, I follow your comments in the Gourmet Movement Linked In Group and love your suggestions. Can I reprint your recipes and photos on Blog.TheNibble.com with a link back to your site?


  4. Hi Chef I am one of your follower from Indonesia, recently we are designing our new menu and your articles are inspiration for me.

    F & B Manager
    Diamond Hotel Samarinda, Indonesia


  5. I was a surprise to see this Bibimbap in your site & this is one of my favorite dishes. I’m from Korea and each time when we get together with family, we prepare this Bibimbap ; )
    If you have any questions regard to how to make this dish I’ll be more than happy to assist you; )


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