Perciatelli, Tomato & Poached Egg



“Waiter !  One order of Perciatelli, Tomato & Poached Egg please  !
I wish I could order food like that in a restaurant around here !
Everybody seems to serve the same old  stuff, (grilled fish with mango salsa anyone?), desperately trying to be “innovative”, “modern”, “on the edge”. But sadly, what I mostly find is mediocre food that has been invented and created a long time ago, then suffered a long and steady decline in quality and substance at the hand of badly trained cooks and so called chefs . We now find the most outrageously crappy food for even more outrageous prices in a vast majority of restaurants. I fully acknowledge that there are lots’s of great chefs out there but unfortunately, they are the minority in a sea of mediocracy or worse. How about some more top quality, simple, tasty, beautiful “REAL FOOD” . I would not mind paying top $ for a plate like this if it were fresh, good tasting, clean and nicely presented. Unfortunately, most “hip” folk’s think food like that has no place in a restaurant and it would be beneath their advanced eating habits to consume . (In public, anyway). While I appreciate as much as the next person food that is prepared and presented in an artful, unexpected, unconventional way, on a day to day basis I prefer great food  which is practical and economically sound. After all, most of us have to cook the stuff before we can eat it. While there are plenty folk’s out there who apparently can run up a dinner bill of a few hundred or even a few thousand bucks a few night’s a week, most of us are not that privileged but nevertheless deserve to eat good (and, many times, much better) on a reasonable budget.


Perciatelli, Tomato & Poached Egg

Any thoughts on that friends ?


Ingredients :

Perciatelli,   cooked al dente, some cooking liquid reserved
Eggs,   poached
Tomato,  chopped
Garlic,   paste
Olive oil,
Basil,   stems removed
Kosher salt,
Black pepper,   freshly ground
Parmigiano reggiano,  grated

Method :

Saute garlic paste in olive oil until fragrant, add tomatoes and basil leaves and saute for three minutes. Remove basil, add salt and pepper and mix in blender until smooth. Poach eggs in lightly salted and vinegared water to your desired doneness. Toss perciatelli  with olive oil, cheese and a bit of the cooking water until a thin film of sauce forms. To serve, drizzle tomato sauce over pasta, top with poached eggs. Sprinkle with cheese and garnish with fresh basil.

Bon Appetit !   Life is Good !


  1. I haven’t tried the poached egg (I use peeled hard-boiled eggs and a good meatball) as yet but the rest is pure comfort food. I just love perciatelli with any kind of sauce.

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  2. Sounds exactly like the “hip, sophisticated” members that I have the pleasure to cook for at the Yacht Club. Members that are stuck in the 90s and the pretentious food that came with the era. Looks delicious Chef!

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