Sexy Legs

Who  needs a side dish with this stuff ?
Not me, that’s for sure.
Prep time : 3 minutes
Cooking time : 50 – 70 minutes, depending on size of legs.

Season with kosher salt, sriracha sauce, granulated garlic and soy sauce.
Roast on rack at 390 ” until temperature on bone has reached 160 “.
Let rest for 10 minutes. Enjoy with a couple of cold beers while watching tv   🙂

Bon Appetit !   Life is Good !


Roasted Chicken Legs

Roasted Chicken Legs


Sexy Legs

Sexy Legs







  1. Dear Chef Hans:

    Sounds like a great chicken dish, my taste buds are mostly on the hot/spicy side, and this dish
    is well presented for a great meal and a couple of cold German Beers. No utencils needed, its
    all enjoyed with your hand, finger food. By the way Chef, I’ve had problems with Sauerbraten
    I’m told that you should use the cheapest meat you can by, and with either Knorr or Maggi
    packaged seasoning, some red wine, a few hourse of roasting, you will enjoy some pretty
    tender Sauerbraten. This is not the case, I usually use better cuts of meat, follow all the rules,
    and still, it comes out a little dry and chewy. Any ideas on how to prepare a tender and tasty
    Sauerbraten. We usually serve Potato or Semf dumblings, red cabbage.

    Its not bad, but not what it should be – I await your response on my Sauerbraten problem!

    Always, all the best,

    John R. Vicente CHA/3D


    1. Well Vicente,
      when picking cuts for a pot roast, make sure you don’t go for the “lean cut’s” instead look for cuts which have a good fat and plenty connective tissue content (the more the better), such as :

      • Chuck – Cuts will include the term, “chuck” (chuck shoulder pot roast or chuck 7-bone pot roast) or terms related to the front portion, such as the shoulder steak
      • Brisket – Cuts of meat from the breast or lower chest
      • Round – Choose rump roast or bottom round.

      Here is a simple recipe that works always:

      Cut your meat into 4 to 5 inch thick blocks.
      Make a marinade from crushed peppercorn, bay leaves, cloves, sugar, diced carrots, leeks, celery and onions (twice the amount of the other vegetables combined)
      The spices should be in a sachet for easy removal before blending the sauce.
      Marinade the meat for 5 days. Remove from marinad, pat dry. Saute until dark brown on all sides. Add tomato paste, paprika powder and salt. Add the marinade, bring to a boil. Reduce heat to a VERY SLOW simmer, simmer until meat is very tender, but not falling apart. Remove meat, set aside. Remove sachet from sauce and blend sauce at high speed until very smooth. Adjust seasoning, adding more vinegar, salt and ground black pepper as needed. Slice meat in 1/3 inch slices, nappe with plenty of sauce and (option) sprinkle with raisins.
      Serve with dumplings or spaetzle.
      Bon Appetit ! Let me know of the result 🙂


      1. Dear Chef Hans:

        Thank you for the wonderful recipe on the German favourite “Sauerbraten” Elli remembers this
        recipe, like her mother use to make. Takes more time, but, the end result is a magnificient
        dish. The cut of meat is important, good fat, etc., but the sauce, is the key, including the
        prep you mention. Elli agrees that the Knorr/Maggi pre mix, while good for a quick prep., cannot
        compare to the recipe ingredients and prep time, that results in the best ever Sauerbraten.
        We will let you know soon, as to the outcome of our attempts to prepare a superb dish, based
        om the Chef Hans recipe. Again thank you for bringing this to us!

        All the best in hospitality,

        John & Elli R .Vicente


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