10 Quick Ways To Become A Better Cook (By Adam Roberts)

Seldom  do I agree with any of those self help writers,
especially when it comes to our profession.
Yet, whenI read these 10 tips at the HUFFPOST,
I couldn’t agree more with the author –

Adam Roberts

Writer, The Amateur Gourmet

10 Quick Ways To Become A Better Cook

Excerpts from the  HUFFPOST :

    1. Cook Often. The best chefs are the best chefs because they spend most of their time cooking. Looking at all of the chefs who I met and cooked with while writing this book, almost every single one either went to culinary school or grew up in a family of cooks. That makes sense because in both cases they had to make the same dishes over and over again until they had those dishes mastered. That repetition reinforces basic techniques — sharpening your knife, seasoning properly, getting your pans hot — techniques that resonate throughout a lifetime of cooking. So if you say “I’m a bad cook,” chances are it’s because you don’t cook often enough. Make yourself cook at least three times a week and watch your skills improve immeasurably.
    2. Make What You Like. Too often people who don’t cook finally set out to make dinner and choose the healthiest, most punishing recipe imaginable because they’re on a diet orsqueamish about making something with fat (how else are boneless, skinless chicken breasts so popular?) This is totally the wrong way to go about it. When you cook, especially if you’re a beginner, you should make things that are over the top delicious. Extra cheesy lasagna. Balsamic-glazed spareribs (one of the recipes in my book). Dark, decadent chocolate cake. When you make food that pleases you, chances are it will please others and the ensuing praise will make you want to cook again. And next time you cook, you can scale back a little on the fat without making the food punishing. The key, though, is making something that you yourself want to eat. All of the chefs I cooked with made food that they themselves loved. That’s not a coincidence.
    3.  Tap Into Your Roots……..  read more  HERE

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