” Easy Beef Curry & Coconut Rice “

Easy  beef curry !
This seems to be so wrong on different levels.
First, eating beef in india ?  Yes, of course. There are many christians and believers in other faith’s 
living in that vast country who don’t consider cows to be holy and therefore consume beef.
Also, in Goa there is a long and wonderful tradition of portuguese cuisine, using beef and veal in many of it’s recipes, sometimes pure and traditional, most often intertwined with indian cuisine which mostly results in a very distinctive cuisine, much loved by me.
Second, easy curry ?  Here I refer to my use of curry powder, which is definitely a much easier way than making your own mix from many different spices, roots and herbs (depending on the curry)

Traditionally, in Europe the general public did not know much about other countries ethnic cuisines ( with a few exceptions) until the late 50’s, early 60’s.When I was a young apprentice in the mid – 60’s, some of the more exotic dishes on our hotel’s menu were “Curries” usually shrimp or chicken, served with rice. These so called curries were a far cry from what we have learned and experienced by now what a curry is supposed to be. At that time, we did not make our own curry and masala mixes but rather used the ubiquitous “Curry Powder” , still to be found in most grocery stores around the world, available for those folks who want a quick fix of curry without the fuss. I have lived for some years in Pakistan and in South East Asia, as well as having visited India on many occasions. I consider myself an absolute devotee of curries in all of it’s myriads of incarnations. However, I am also a big sucker for the dishes of my home and my youth, so sometimes I have to make a decision which route to follow on that particular day for a particular dish or style of cooking. Yesterday the curries of my youth won out. The creaminess that is so characteristic of our old fashioned “curries” and the inclusion of fruit into the sauce ( apples, bananas, pineapples) has an appeal all of it’s own to me.
So, in the spirit of good food, no matter what, here is one of my versions of curry.
In the same spirit, there are many variations of coconut rice, this is one of my versions.



All you want to know about  

All you want to know about 

All you want to know about CLASSIC FRENCH CURRY SAUCE
Ingredients :

Striploin,                    sliced
Banana,                     diced
Onion,                        sliced
Cauliflower,              blanched
Cherry tomatoes,     whole
Heavy cream,
Ginger,                       grated
Garlic,                         paste
Curry powder,           to taste
Salt,                             to taste
Cayenne,                    to taste
Scallion,                     finely sliced
Cilantro,                     chopped
Star anis,
Cinamon stick
Peanut oil                   to saute

Method :

Saute beef on high heat until medium rare and brown.
Remove on rack to catch juices.
Saute onion, ginger, garlic, 1/2 scallion, 1/2 half cilantro, cinnamon, anis and curry powder until fragrant.
Add cream and slowly simmer to reduce until sauce has become creamy.
Add juices from beef, simmer another minute , season with salt and pepper to taste.
Strain sauce, add beef, cauliflower and tomatoes and heat through without simmering.
To serve, sprinkle with remaining scallion and cilantro

Coconut Rice
Ingredients :

Basmati rice,             thoroughly washed to remove excess starch
Coconot milk             2/3 liquid
chicken stock             1/3
Onion,                         diced
Ginger,                        grated
Garlic,                          paste
Salt,                              to taste
Cayenne,                     to taste
Butter,                          to saute

Method :

Saute onion, garlic and ginger until fragrant (no color), add rice and saute for another minute. Add stock,  coconut milk and seasoning, bring to a simmer.
Cover tightly and simmer until all liquid has been absorbed and rice is tender and dry, about 25 to 30 minutes, depending on rice and applied heat.
When rice is cooked, let rest off the heat for another five minutes before removing lid.
Fluff rice carefully with a fork. To serve, sprinkle with red pepper flakes.

Bon Appetit !   Life is Good !
My previous post about another “Curry”
Enjoy !    🙂
All about  CURRY WURST

Currywurst, Berlin style




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