” Sauteed Chicken, Potatoes & Vegetables “


Today’s lunch  🙂


Ingredient’s :

Chicken,             boneless, diced
Asparagus,        blanched, halved
Potatoes,            turned, blanched
Red peppers,     cut into triangles
Onions,              diced
Garlic,                 paste
Scallions,           sliced
Peanut oil,         to saute
Salt,                     to taste
Black pepper,    freshly ground

Method :

Saute chicken until golden brown but still juicy.
Remove to absorbent paper, reserve. Saute potatoes
until lightly browned, add garlic, onions, peppers and
scallions and saute until garlic becomes fragrant.
Remove from heat, add chicken and seasoning, mix well.
To serve, sprinkle with chopped parsley.

Bon Appetit !  Life is Good !

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