Bone-In Rib Eye & “Stuff”

What  a great early dinner today (I started work at 4.00 am, so dinner at 5.0 pm does not sound so ridiculously early, does it? )
This dish was very satisfying, from the potatoes to the beans to the steak. I Sauteed everything in duck fat with lot’s of roasted garlic and used some leftover duck jus to lightly mash the potatoes and beans with, for a great flavor and texture  🙂

“Sauteed bone-in rib eye , with habichuelas blancas (smal white beans), potatoes, tomatoes, scallions and Duck jus”.

Bon Appetit !   Life is Good !

Bone-In Rib Eye

Bone-In Rib Eye



  1. Oh, if only someone had developed lickable computer screens. That looks absolutely gorgeous – as you say, from the potatoes to the beef and including the beans – everything looks like it should have been divine. 5pm too early? Not for this, never! lol


  2. My fridge always has a container of bacon fat, rendered pork fat from unsmoked pork belly and, whenever possible, a jar of either duck or goose fat. I could *almost* manage without butter at all 🙂

    Oh… you can keep your filet mignon and Chateubriand… Bone in rib steak is hands down my favorite cut!


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