Saint Patrick’s Day “Breakfast Of Champions” # 19

” Irish  soda bread with raisins & caraway seeds,
topped with corned beef, asparagus, tomato and brie”
Great breakfast in honor of St Patrick.
(The brie might not be Irish, but it lift’s this dish to another dimension 🙂

Erin Go Bragh !

Recipe for Irish soda bread HERE

Saint Patrick's Day Breakfast Of Champions

Saint Patrick’s Day Breakfast Of Champions


Bon Appetit !   Life is Good !


  1. Hans,when i would no you make a Irish Breakfast, i would not made my omelett
    with cornbeef and brussel Sprouts,Gouda,green Tomatos and Banggers
    (Irish Sausage)on the side.I would made yours it sounds great with some green
    Beer and a shot of Bushmill.Cheerios ROLF!

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