” Fish Dumpling & Shrimp Ball Soup With Poached Egg “



What the heck !? 
Soup with fish dumplings, shrimp ball’s, shrimp, vegetables, chili and poached egg ?
Well, it might sound’s a bit much but it is absolutely delicious, the flavors and textures
go very well together to form a wonderful, multi-facetted dish.



Shrimp,                           pre cooked, peeled, deveined, half of them tail removed
White fish,                     such as haddock, tilapia, cod
Peas,                                frozen
Corn,                               frozen
Won ton wrappers,
Red chili,                       sliced
Scallion,                        sliced
Cilantro,                        coarsely chopped
Whole egg                     for poaching
Egg white                      for fish dumplings and shrimp balls
Fish stock                     substitute with chicken stock if preferred
Salt, cayenne pepper, lemon juice to taste

Method :

Dumplings :
Chop the fish coarsely, add a bit of egg white, salt, cayenne pepper, mix.
Add half a teaspoon to a wrapper, moisten the edges with water.
Top with another wrapper, flatten and cut with a crinkle wheel cutter or a raviolini stamp.

Shrimp balls :
Chop the tailless shrimp to a fine paste. Add sriracha, salt and a bit of ketchup,
Mix and form into small ball’s.

Cook fish dumplings and schrimp balls in salted water until floating,
transfer to salted ice water.

Egg :
Poach in lightly salted water for  3 1/2 minutes, transfer to salted ice water.

Soup :

Bring stock to simmer, add corn and simmer for two minutes.
season with salt, sriracha soy sauce and maggi seasoning.
Add fish dumplings and shrimp balls’, shrimp balls, chilis, green peas and poached egg.
When heated through, plate and sprinkle with scallion and cilantro

Bon Appetit !   Life is Good !




  1. I’m also really loving this one Chef!!! This needs to be the “go to” dish of the American future. Tons of protein, low fat.. Could eat this everyday and feel good. Move over chili mac, tuna casserole, meatloaf and mash….


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