Sauted Shirloin Steak, Guacamole, Scotch Bonnet & Garlic Compound Butter

A good bread to soak up the juices from a nice cut of meat.
Sadly, an old practice which seemingly got lost some time ago, maybe even never experienced by folk’s who don’t deem it to be fancy enough for their (sophisticated ?) eating habits 😦


Guacamole Recipe : CLICK HERE

Scotch Bonnet & Garlic Compound Butter Recipe :  CLICK HERE

Marinade  steaks overnight in  soy sauce, garlic powder, dijon mustard and cayenne pepper . Next day, wipe off excess marinade, season with kosher salt and saute in peanut oil to your preferred temperature. While steaks are cooking, spread butter and roasted garlic puree onto sourdough bread and toast until golden brown. To serve, top bread with steak and Scotch Bonnet & Garlic Compound Butter.
Bon Appetit !   Live is Good !


  1. Now you’re talking Chef. Simple food, simply prepared, simply delicious and uncomplicated. The Master Escoffier would be proud of this offering. You’re right about the lack of interest by the so-called ‘sophisticated’ palates, I put it down to a sort of herd mentality, a lack of imaginantion. A symptom of trash-media formulas pushing their brand of what it is they want you to believe is currently ‘trendy’. I will admit to a certain degree of professional pride in training in London, Villefranche Sur Mer, Nice and Monte Carlo. They were career years of very hard work well invested. Despite my perfect right to, It did not make me a food snob. I’m running into more of these people every day and it is distinctly not to my liking. People see some TV Kitchen Lizard
    throwing things about in between commercials and all of a sudden they’re the last word in food.
    What they don’t show you is their wardrobe person, hairdresser, the dozen or so people off camera prepping and cooking, their bodyguard, driver, PA’s, Accountant, Stockbroker, etc, etc. Don’t forget the “I’ll have my people call your people, people. Gotta have a couple of them hanging about. TV food shows are nothing more than a racket. Sure it pays great and everyone involved makes out like a bandit, but it’s still just a racket and the market is ridiculously saturated. Out of all the Food Network show listings, there are perhaps only two personalities I would probably watch with some professional interest were I so inclined. The rest are a complete waste of time. Fortunately, we have Chef Hans Susser sharing his insights and discoveries in the quest of real food, Nouvelle or old world traditional. if you insist on crap, turn on your TV, if you want to see food snobbery, try the James Beard Foundation.

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  2. you take such great pictures—that steak looks perfect. such great ideas—I will be making steak tonight—but with a milder pepper compound—us older chefs can’t handle the scotch bonnets anymore—-LOL

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  3. A rant on ‘Corporate Food’.

    I don’t care if McDonald’s has sold a Zillion Big Mac’s all over the Universe, the last one sold was just as crappy as the first one sold. The secret to a great hamburger, (other than the quality of the essential ingredients), is for it to be hot and juicy first. I’ve never seen a hamburger out of any corporate trashfood outlet even close to being hot and juicy. As for the quality of the ingredients, the less we know, the better off we are, garbage in, garbage out.

    The very best hamburger is always going to be the one you put together yourself. If not, then the Double-Double from In-N-Out. ‘Animal-Style’ is my idea of a close second. Guaranteed to be hot, juicy and flavorful every time, without fail.

    I don’t consider In-N-Out Burger to be trashfood, their menu is strictly cooked to order from scratch, not a bunch of dried-out and warmed over God knows when it was originally fired crap. A five item only menu allows In-N-Out to focus and do what they do best, great hamburgers!

    I always laugh when somone shoves a Big Mac at me because the meat patties have ‘grill-marks’ on them, which I’m sure will wash off under running water. I know for a fact the grill-marks wash off their chicken, I’ve seen it.

    That’s my first New Years rant, I feel better now.

    Happy Cooking everyone!

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  4. This sounded so good, I started marinating the steak Saturday and had this for dinner Sunday night. My husband said it was one of the best steaks he’s ever had. Couldn’t agree more — simple food, simply prepared is just simply delicious! Thanks Chef!!

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