” Merlot & Watermelon Spritzer “

I have been drinking spritzer for many years.
I like it’s taste and ability to refresh in the summer heat,
without packing a big punch. Today I was going to make
a regular red wine spritzer when i saw the watermelon in the fridge.
Fruit and wine in a drink has never hurt, so I was going to try this one.
Man o man, what a success ! Very tasty, refreshing and beautiful to look at.
Mix the wine and water mellon in a blender until very smooth.
Mix each drink individually by pouring the mineral water over ice,
then the wine / watermelon blend. Stir and enjoy !

Life is good !    A votre santé !





  1. Ahhh Hans , nothing better in summer than a “schorle” Or a “Radler” ! Remember the days when used to serve the “Bowle” with fresh summer fruit from the garden back home …


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