” Dave Arnold And Harold McGee Do Cool Stuff To Eggs At Harvard “


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I came across this on cookingdistrict.com and thought you might enjoy this as much as I did.
Take a few minutes time out and have Fun  🙂

Image Source: Crazy Chefs

Dave Arnold And Harold McGee Do Cool Stuff To Eggs At Harvard
By Lisa McLaughlin on September 12, 2012

The new school year has begun and with it comes the first lecture of the 2012 Food and Science Lecture Series at Harvard. The first installment featured Dave Arnold, the uber creative Director of Culinary Technology at the International Culinary Center and Dave Arnold and gastronomic guru Harold McGee talk about soft matter science, explosions, mayonnaise making, haute cuisine, make some dragon’s beard, and do some super cool stuff with eggs.

See the video HERE


  1. Dear Hans:

    Hope all is well in Florida. Enjoy your F & B articles very much, it gives us all, much food for
    thought! Any ideas on the authentic Sauerbraten and Rolaten entree’s I asked you about some
    time ago? These are great German recipe’s, and there are many variations on how it is
    prepared. Would love to have your own favourite recipe’s on these two German favourites.
    Thanks Hans, all the best in this wonderful world of food,and the professionals such as you,
    who tells us how it is all done! I look forward to hearing from you, at your convenience of


    John R. Vicente CHA/3D
    Managing Director
    Mid-Cities Lodging Associates


  2. Hi John,
    Thank’s for your continuous support. I have not forgotten about the sauerbraten and the beef rouladen. They will be featured in upcoming posts 🙂
    In the meantime, you might enjoy what’s next, a few day’s of offal.
    Cheers. Life is Good !


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