” Wiener Backhendl Im Nest “

  dinner reminds me of my childhood in Germany,
when this was a very special treat when my parents took me
to a restaurant and I found wiener back hendl on the menu.
Tonight I used cornish hen instead of the more traditional chicken,
but otherwise, this is the real deal. A simple dish of breaded , fried,
bone in chicken  🙂


Cut a whole chicken into eight pieces or a cornish hen into four pieces,
season with garlic paste, salt and pepper and fry at 375 degrees until golden.
Transfer to a wire rack and bake in a 375 oven until the internal
temperature reaches 162 degrees. Let rest for five minutes before serving.

Bon Appetit !   Live is Good


  1. Hans, I was not aware you grew up in Germany. Please check out my Blog, Spiced Peach Blog.com
    In the Team Family Tailgate genre, we have a team player from Germany. The player parents are visitng from Germany in a couple of weeks to celebrate Senior Day and will get a reality dish on how great their daughter really is in the USA college sports circuit. How can we coordinate and create a special dish for a very, very special one of our players from Germany for the Team Family Tailgate? I look to hearing from you on this important event!

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