So here Is My Excuse……..


Bella & Hans


Dear Friends,
I would like to keep you informed for the reason I don’t post regularly anymore.
As I mentioned some time ago, I will not post as many recipes and articles as usual, cutting down from an average of about ten posts a month to maybe two or three. This will go on for anywhere from three Months to maybe 6 months.
The main reason for this “slacking” is my health. I am in a brutal healing and recovery period, during which time, on most days, I am too weak to cook, not able to swallow solid food and I will have no sense of taste.
As you might can imagine, because of this,  blogging will be nearly impossible for me during the majority of the time. However, I can promise that if and as soon as my health improves, ChefsOpinion will be back in full force.
At this point, I rather not reveal or discuss my illness.
My doctors assure me of a high probability that within the year, I’ll be back in the saddle 🙂
So, if you thought that the reason for the decreasing frequency of my posts is that I have lost interest in publishing ChefsOpinion, please know that this is not the case.
I am looking forward to a regular schedule of posts, two to three times a week, in the near future 🙂
Meanwhile, most of the posts on ChefsOpinion will be formerly unpublished recipes/picture I prepared during the past eight months.
Life is Good !
There are about 1400 recipes on ChefsOpinion, so I suggest at this time, if you need some culinary inspiration, you might explore what you have missed in the past 🙂
To select a dish by Picture, click here for all dishes on ChefsOpininon 
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  1. Prayers and healing vibes your way Chef!!
    Life is good!
    But now it’s a hurdle….
    Jump it and clear it….you can and will!
    Looking forward to future Chef’s Opinion features…..when YOU know you’re ready!!!
    God bless!

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  2. You have nothing for which to apologise, Hans; and we have much for which to thank you. While I might sometimes find the concentration on subtropical cuisine (the perpetual “shrimp” [prawns], chilli and kosher salt) a little claustrophobic, living as I do in a more temperate climate (UK) I do love discovering the ingredients more unusual here, and, above all, I love your ideas, which inspire me to odd creations of my own – which, so far, have poisoned nobody!

    I must also pause to compliment you on your photography. Capturing food on a plate is by no means as easy as it may seem; and I always enjoy your plethora of crockery, as well as admiring your technique.

    Above all, though, I admire and respect your courage for having gone through so much, in a foreign land as well. Not surprisingly, you keep many things to yourself; but we who read can see how you have been coming through troubles and surviving, bloody but unbowed – and for that you earn our respect as well as personal affection and admiration for what comes through in your blogs, to all of which I do not reply.

    Rest: recover: regain your strength: and know that the thoughts and prayers of your online friends are with you


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    1. Thank you Peter, these are wonderful compliments 🙂
      It is nice to know that even after retirement, my food can inspire folks to use my recipe’s as inspiration to create their own version of it.
      THanks again for your well-wishes and your continuing support 🙂
      Cheers !


  3. Praying that you will soon be feeling better!!  It is a wonderful blessing when we get to enjoy many years here on earth, but sometimes our bodies don’t cooperate with us. So enjoy your posts, recover soon.

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  4. Everyone needs time to heal and strengthen. That is your priority now. Thank you for your months of fine dishes which I have enjoyed following. Be well, Chef!


  5. Hans: I Hope That You Have A Timely Recovery From Whatever Is Making Your Body Angry.. As A European Trained Chef Myself I Look Forward To Reading Your Stories And Recipes On A regular Basis Again. Get Well Soon My Friend. Chef Mark Wisland MCW Food & Beverage Consulting Services. Owner/Operator

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