Sauted Scallops & Shrimp In Whole Grain Mustard Cream

Tonight  I wanted to have something comfortable, belly warming, traditional, for dinner.  I realize that seafood in mustard sauce might not sound traditional to some younger folks out there, but when I was a youngster, fish and other seafood in various types of mustard sauce was a commonly found item on many restaurants friday menu. Even at home, “Fish mit Senfsauce” was a typical friday dinner item, usually served with “Salzkartoffeln” (boiled potatoes).

” Jacobsmuscheln und garnelen in senfsauce mit basmati reis ”
( Scallops and shrimp in mustard sauce with basmati rice )
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Sauted Scallops & Shrimp In Whole Grain Mustard Cream

Sauted Scallops & Shrimp In Whole Grain Mustard Cream


Ingredients :

Shrimp,   shelled & deveined, tail on
White wine,
Heavy cream,
Whole grain mustard,   (I prefer Maille)
Butter,   clarified
Butter,   whole
Sriracha ,
Sea salt,
Lemon juice,

Method :

Season scallops with sea salt and saute in clarified butter until halfway cooked. remove from pan, set aside. Season shrimp with sea salt and sriracha sauce and saute in whole butter until halfway cooked, remove from pan, set aside. deglaze pan with white wine, add heavy cream and juices from the cooked shrimp and scallops and reduce until a light sauce has formed. Remove from heat, add mustard and lemon juice, check seasoning. Adjust seasoning if necessary. Return seafood to the pan, return to heat until heated through. Make sure you don’t let the sauce simmer anymore or your seafood will get tough and dry. Serve with basmati rice.

Bon Appetit !   Life is Good !



  1. Hi Hans,this is a great dish.Most REstaurants in north Europe you will see on a Friday
    on the Menu Rotbarsch or Goldbarsch in Senfsauce.
    Check your explanation on the Method i dont see the Mustard!
    Have a good Day,Greetings Rolf!


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