Spaghetti “Graubündner Style”

Yesterday  my friend George arrived from switzerland and as usual he brought a bunch of  gift’s. One of them is my favorite cold cut in the world, “Bündner Fleisch” ( Bindenfleisch, or “Viande des Grisons” or “Air Dried Beef” ) The traditional way of eating bündner fleisch is to serve it very thinly sliced, cold, with fresh horseradish and rustic bread. However, George asked me to make something out of the ordinary with the bündner fleisch, so I came up with the following concoction which was a delightful and very unusual way of using this traditional ingredient. The extraordinary flavor of the bündner fleisch and the sharpness of the “Appenzeller Käse” (appenzeller cheese), another one of his gift’s, made this a truly special and delightful dish 🙂


Spaghetti  "Graubündner Style"

Spaghetti “Graubündner Style”


Ingredient’s :

Spaghetti,   cooked al dente
Broccoli florets,   blanched
Appenzeller cheese,   finely grated
Grape tomatoes,   whole
Onions,   sliced
Garlic,   paste
Milk,   whole
Eggs,   whole
Italian parsley,   chopped
Kosher salt,
Black pepper,   freshly ground
Butter,   to saute

Method :

Mix eggs, milk and cheese, add salt and pepper, whisk. Saute onions and garlic in butter, add bündner fleisch, spaghetti, broccoli and egg mixture. Cook until eggs have set to your preference ( I like mine well done).
To serve, sprinkle with more grated cheese and chopped parsley.
Bon Appetit !   Life is Good !



  1. Hans, wo kann ich denn in Miami Bündner Fleisch finden ? Wäre sehr dankbar für einen tip dazu! Gruß Martina

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  2. Looks / Sounds good! Similar to “Carbonara”, with bacon or prosciutto. Every other year when the Swiss consulate is in town for the IMTS show here at McCormick they ship in their Air-Dried Beef and Cheese for us to prepare for them. It is a treat!

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