” Stirfried Chicken, Asparagus & Cashew Nuts “

After a couple of heavy hitter meals during the past few day’s,
I decided to go a bit lighter today with this old asian standby,
chicken with cashew nuts. Light, tasty and delicious. I did not
add any starch, but it pairs equally well with noodles or rice.


Ingredients :

Chicken leg,              deboned & diced
Asparagus,                blanched
Onions,                      coarsely sliced
Garlic,                         paste
Ginger,                        grated
Soy sauce,                   to taste
Oyster sauce,             to taste
Chili sauce,                to taste
Chili oil,                      to taste
Sesame oil,                 to taste
Peanut oil,                  to stir fry

Method :

Stir fry chicken until golden, remove to absorbent paper, reserve.
Sautee onion, garlic and ginger until fragrant, add asparagus,and seasoning.
Simmer for one minute, add chicken and any accumulated juices, mix well.
To serve, pour over noodles or serve with Chinese steamed rice  (fan)

吃个饱 !     Life is Good !


  1. This dish had to taste every bit as good as it looks. Throw together a little homemade shrimp fried rice and I’ll be right over. Lobster bib in hand.

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