” Bauern Vesper ” # 1

The word  “Vesper”  has two very different meanings, and is used in different languages.
Obviously, we don’t want to discuss the religious meaning here, but the culinary one.
In southern Germany we use the word “Vesper” as an alternative to “Brotzeit“,
which means a meal consisting of bread (Brot) and usually, meat, poultry, cheese or fish.
It is a meal traditionally consumed at around sundown (there is a religious connection)
and used to be a simple version of dinner. These day’s, vesper has more or less taken on
the meaning of snack, consisting of  bread and protein during any time of day.
Yesterday I skipped breakfast and lunch and instead, in the early afternoon,
had a VERY substantial bauern vesper  (farmers meal),
consisting of smoked pork knuckles, slowly simmered until tender,
served with dijon mustard  and a dipping sauce of cider vinegar with roasted garlic,
chilies, salt and onions.  And last, but not least, a glass of fine merlot.
– And yes, this is one portion. (lot’s of bones)   🙂

Bon Appetit & Cheers !   Life is good !




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