” Teriayki Salmon & Garlic Noodles With Straw Mushrooms In Oyster Sauce “

Garlic noodles with anything ! What’s not to like ?
For yesterday’s dinner, I added teriyaki glazed salmon, which
made for a great, healthy (the salmon :-), good looking dinner .



Salmon :
Salmon filet,                       trimmed, skinless
Teriyaki sauce,                   to taste
Salt,                                       to taste
Cayenne,                              to taste
Peanut oil,                           for sauteeing

Noodles :
Rice noodles,                      cooked, drained
Straw mushrooms,            canned, drained
Ginger,                                  grated
Garlic,                                   paste
Onions,                                julienned
Chilies,                                 sliced
Scallions,                             sliced
Sesame oil,                           to taste
Soy sauce,                             to taste
Chili oil,                                to taste
Oyster sauce,                       to taste
Sriracha,                               to taste
Peanut oil,                            for sauteeing

Method :
Salmon :

Season salmon with salt and pepper and sautee on skin side until golden.
Brush bottom side with teriyaki sauce, turn and brush skin side.
Put into 375 degree oven and cook for two minutes.
Brush again with teriaki sauce and return to oven.
Repeat until salmon has reached your preferred temperature and a shiny
glaze has formed.

Noodles :

Sautee onions, garlic and mushrooms until garlic starts to turn color .
Add all other ingredient’s and continue to sautee  (stir fry) until all
ingredient’s are well incorporated.
To serve, top noodles with salmon and juices which might have formed
while the salmon was resting. Garnish with lemon or lime and cilantro.

Bon Appetit !   Life is Good !



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