“Fondue” Au Fromage Sec

Good  Read’s. Good Eat’s. Good Drink’s. Good Company = Good Times.

The title of this dish,  “Fondue Au Fromage Sec”,  is tongue in cheek, but the dish itself is a knock-out: A great  snack, a simple dinner, or fun party food.
I have prepared this often over the years, but I never really gave it a proper name.
So when I made it this sunday afternoon,  I wanted to finally give the dish a proper, clever ?  name. Hopefully, I succeeded ?
I love a good cheese fondue , and this dish has most ingredients of a “fondue au fromage” , (but not the texture, because instead of being liquid, it is “dry”.
Let me know if you disagree and think you ‘ve got a better name for it 🙂
But then, nevertheless, follow the recipe and you will agree that the dish itself is an outstanding snack or party staple or even , if served with a side of greens, a meatless dinner good enough to shine on it’s own.


Fondue Au Fromage

Fondue Au Fromage “Sec”


Ingredient’s :

Sour dough bread,   scored criss cross 3/4 down to the bottom crust
Brie cheese,   cut into cubes
Asiago cheese,   diced
Cheddar cheese,   shredded
Roasted garlic paste,
White wine,
Scallions,   thinly sliced
Walnuts,   shelled
Dijon mustard,
Chili flakes,
Butter,   melted

Method :

Open the slit’s of the scored bread with your fingers. Drizzle with melted buter, then white wine. Add a bit of the mustard to the bits of cheese. Stick one piece of brie and one piece of  asiago cheese into each of the cavities. Add cheddar cheese into the cavities as well as on top of the bread. Bake at 375F until cheese melts. Remove from oven,  sprinkle walnuts and chili flakes on top, return to oven until the bread starts to crisp up and is heated through all the way. Remove again from oven, sprinkle with finely sliced scallions and serve hot.

Enjoy !   Live is Good !



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