” Passion “

While i was teaching at le cordon bleu for seven years, I usually started the first day with this question: What brought you here ? 99% of the students answer was : Passion !!! My second question was always : What do you consider to be “Passion” ? I got all kind of answers, usually none of which I found convincing. I then explained to my students that my definition of “Passion” is the willingness to take sacrifices for what you are passionate about. That usually prevented a large part of the students to ever mention “Passion” in connection with being in the kitchen again.
Herein lies the problem for the lack of success of many cooks.
Just going through the motions will prevent you from ever being a good chef.

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  1. I remember the first day. There was a lot of talk of “passion” and I remember you saying that this is a craft. Im making the scrifices needed to be a great craftsman. Thanks Chef.


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