” I read this half- assed article by a very prominent and famous TV chef…”

Slow Roasted Teriyaki  “ Osso Buco ”

Here is what I cooked for myself (& Bella) after I read this half- assed article by a very prominent and famous TV chef/ judge on iron chef , that you have to braise veal shanks for a long time to make them edible.
What a load of crap, as usual, from one of our “recipe chefs ” on TV, most of which have no clue how to cook or be a “chef” in the real world.
Yes, a good traditionally braised Osso Buco can be a wonderful dish, but you lose most of the beautiful texture of the shank. In southern Germany and Austria we have a dish called   “Gebratene Kalbshaxe”  (usually and ideally spit roast ). Just season with salt and pepper, then SLOWLY !!! roast (whole shank or thickly sliced)  until the connective tissues break down (at least 2.5 hours, often up to 4 hours) and you will have the most succulent, tasty, satisfying dish imaginable. During the last 15 minutes, baste liberally with teriyaki sauce.
Just goes to show that if you know and understand only part of something, to pass that on as the full truth will screw up the knowledge of the person who asked you for advise. Happens all the time with non-experienced so called “Chefs” and “Teachers”,  who get all their knowledge and skills by sitting on a school bench instead of learning and, most important, experiencing, the facts, beauty and excitement of cooking  in the real world, through observing and learning from REAL chefs in a REAL kitchen and soaking  up the knowledge and skills offered to them with the passion of a real chef.

Bon Appetit !    Life is Good !
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    1. Richard,
      Pls read the following and UNDERSTAND the following before you try to make an ass of me, but in the progress make an ass of y………..

      “What is the difference between loose and lose?

      Loose means not tight or free from constraint (e.g., These trousers are loose.)

      To lose means:
      To fail to keep (e.g., I will lose weight but also my hair.)
      To fail to win (e.g., I’m expected to lose this match.)
      To fail to make money (e.g., I will lose a fortune.)

      Pls enjoy your grammar lesson
      You’re welcome.


  1. Well unfortunately the first clue in all if this was that it came from a tv chef. It’s a shame that most of these “chefs” start off with the best intentions and have probably had some decent training. Then they get sucked into the whole tv crap and they turn to the dark side.

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