” Live Ant Yogurt Dish: Rene Redzepi Experimenting With New Menu Item At Noma “

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Talking about crap…..   😦
Live Ants Yogurt

HuffPost blogger David Rosengarten has quite the scoop about Rene Redzepi’s Noma.
But this isn’t just another dispatch from MAD Food Camp. Chef Redzepi is reportedly
working on a new yogurt dish…which has live ants sprinkled on it.

Apparently, the chef likes the ants’ acidity, which are almost “citrus-like.”

Intrigued? Get the full scoop over on his website, DRosengarten.com.


    1. I live in the dessert where we have many ants that look just like these and it leaves such a sensation of pain where it bites you that lasts for hours. Couldnt imagine that feeling on my tongue. Did I mention the swelling?


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