” Seafood Salad “

seafood  you ask ? 

If it is not fresh it doesn’t hit my plate you say ?

Of course, I agree that fresh seafood is heaven on earth
when properly prepared, But sometimes in the real world
you come home late and want something tasty and don’t
feel like cooking. Here is what I did last night :


The result ?
A great salad done in 10 minutes ( Hard boiled egg‘s take their time )


Fresh / canned seafood of your liking  (What’s in your cupboard)
Cucumber, salted for 5 minutes, rinsed
Hard boiled egg’s, diced
Radish, julienned
Bell peppers, julienned
Chilies, julienned
Garlic, paste
Parsley, chopped


Olive oil
Lemon juice
Raspberry vingar
Kosher Salt
Cayenne Pepper
Maggi Seasoning

Bon Appetit ! Life is Good !         🙂 

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