” LinkedIn Messed Up? “

Que Lastima !

I truly believe that nowadays most content on LinkedIn consists of spam of
one kind or another,most of it offering jobs which in many cases don’t exist;
they are merely a vehicle to transport people to the respective company web pages
and to earn them “clicks”.

Networking? – very little !
Crap? – a lot !

What a shame !


  1. Can’t agree more !. I am a professional recruiter for hotels (in China). It’s part of my job that I need to ‘find’ people. But I am not using Linkedin for it at all: Not to post jobs, nor to ‘approach’ people. I invite nobody but boy do I still get a lot of invitations per day. Since I am already well-connected in my niche market (hoteliers for China), the people who claim to be my friend in Linkedin are either people I am already connected with anyway, or people who I do not need to be connected with.

    Linkedin Networking > Notworking !

    One can conclude that most agencies using Linkedin to find ‘anyone’ interested supposedly do not know who to call for the right job, so they just post it and collect a bunch of resumes.

    Rene Schillings
    MD TOP Hoteliers – China


  2. I completely understand all of this. I joined a group called “chef job seeker” and it has almost no jobs in the culinary world. Most are for engineers, language analyst, and accountants. Do these professions not have their own groups with which to post? I mean come on. I have only requested connections from people that are obviously chefs or I already know. However I do have one I am not sure of. Any hopefully one day they can sort all of this out.


  3. I also agree with you. I thought I could use LinkedIn to get contributors to my discussion groups on culinry externships but besides yourself and a few others no takers. But I get tons of job offers and recipes.


  4. Like the white trash gourmet (love the name!), I actually am enjoying your blog and I stumbled upon it through linked in. BUT I totally agree with the LInkedIn garbage and spam. It’s very discouraging; because LinkedIn can be a good tool for networking and business. Andrea Fuentes from LivePlate


  5. I’m beginning to believe that Linkedin has become the new Facebook for the working class under the auspices of providing professional networking when really all it seems to be is a social gathering for some boring dialog and annoying advertising by the very people one should want to network with. It reminds me of street-vendor hawking: you’re not really sure you can trust the quality of the merchandise…but you still stop and look.


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