” China Is Building an Army of Noodle-Making Robots “

I came across this at “EATER” and thought my readers would enjoy this.
If these robot‘s cost only $2000, they could be a great, cheap gimmick on a coffeeshop’s pasta buffet .
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Image from “EATER”


Excerpts from “EATER” :

In the face of rising labor costs, Chinese restaurateur Cui Runguan is selling thousands of robots that can hand slice noodles into a pot of boiling water called the Chef Cui.
Runguan says in the report below that just like robots replacing workers in factories, “it is certainly going to happen in sliced noodle restaurants.”
The robots costs $2,000 each, as compared to a chef, who would cost $4,700 a year. According to one chef, “The robot chef can slice noodles better than human chefs.”
News of Runguan’s invention hit the internet in March of 2011, but they’ve since gone into production and are starting to catch on: 3,000 of them have already been sold.
But why do their eyes glow, and why do they look so angry?
Read more and see the video HERE



  1. I will be angry the day a robot takes my job, but I guess I am ok for now as they could only be programmed to do a recipe. If there is a flaw in the recipe or they short out they cant fix the recipe. They will not have the ability to season meat properly. If they do come up with this technology it wont be until I am dead and gone. For now though I would not put one in my restaurant. You just cant replace deductive reasoning.


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