” Eating Garbage ”

” Eating Garbage ”


Then thank God ( whatever God you pray to ) for the good life WE live.
Don’t shed a tear, help wherever , however you can.   🙂


  1. unfortunately,food is in abundance for only half of the worlds population..In the Horn of Africa over a million people are trying to survive today, on grass and wild berries. Yet given 4 High Protein milk biscuits and 2 litres of water to them, each day would rejuivinate them to moderate good health. Yet Africa is rich in gold,minerals etc, for only the rich. Governments should distribute Hi Protein Biscuits to their starving populations.Then build ration stores for the cold and starving peoples of their countries Our leaders talk the talk but fail to initiate and implement.Life saving measures. Shame, Shame ,Is the real problem based on profit at all costs.Surely 4 biscuits a day could be organized within days.!!!!

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