” Pork Ribs Soup With Long Life Noodles “

I hope the name I gave this soup say’s it all :

“Spicy soup of pork ribs, long life noodles, corn,
bamboo shoots, quail eggs and lap cheong“.

Highly satisfying culinary goodness in a (BIG) bowl.   🙂


Ingredient’s :

Pasta,                            cooked, strained, mixed with 1 tsp sesame oil

Pork ribs,                     simmered, stock reserved
Noodles,                      cooked
Broccoli rabe,             blanched
Lop chaeong,              sliced
Corn on the cob,        quartered
Quail eggs,                  soft boiled, peeled
Bell peppers,               julienned
Chilis,                           julienned
Scallions,                    sliced
Cilantro,                      coarsely chopped
Ginger,                         grated
garlic,                           paste
Sesame oil,                  to taste
Salt/ Cayenne,            to taste

Method :

Simmer ribs until tender,  add corn, simmer until tender.
Add garlic paste, grated ginger, salt and cayenne pepper.
Add sausage, peppers, chili, scallions, rabe and quail eggs.
Bring to simmer, remove from heat. Adjust seasoning.

To plate, place noodles in bottom of bowl, ladle soup on top,
Sprinkle with cilantro, serve with chili oil and soy sauce.

Bon Appetit !   Life is Good !

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