” Old Fashioned Ice Cube Recipe “


Image: Igloo Ice Bournemouth

Two day’s ago the unthinkable happened :

My ice maker went to ice makers heaven     😦
After the initial shock and the ensuing mourning,
deep panic set in. Do I have to drink warm Ice tea  (“Warm Tea”)
until the technician has fixed or replaced my old Ice Magician ?
I am very opposed to buying the bagged ice from super markets or
gas stations, somehow the price and apparent lack of sanitation
prevents me from finding any appeal in putting this stuff in my drinks.
(Boiling it to sanitize does not seem to be a solution ?)
So, I set out to re-conquer the lost art of artisanal ice making.
In the very back of the garage where we store our ancient cooking utensils
and cooking equipment I found a couple of clear plastic ice trays, obviously
never used and still in their original plastic wrapping.
So for a while, I pondered about the recipe which was locked out of sight
for so many years in the bowels of our build in electric ice maker.
After much research and experimenting, I settled for the following recipe
which I selflessly like to share with you, hoping it will give you as much
pleasure and satisfaction as it has given me during the past few day’s.
Here it goes, I present  with with unrestricted, understandable pride :

” Royal Ice Cubes

Equipment :

Freezer or freezer part of your refrigerator
Ice tray

Ingredient’s :

Dihydrogen Monoxide,  (H2O),   sometimes also called “Water”

Method :

Fill ice tray’s to 4/5 with water, carefully transfer to freezer.  X
Freeze dihydrogen monoxide for several hours until frozen solid.
Remove ice cubes from tray as needed.

Cheers !  Life is Good !

X   Be care full not to spill water on floor, as this can result in a slip,
which can result in a fall, which can result in you hitting your head
on a hard surface, which can result in considerable damage to your brain,
which would be a shame but has probably happened to many of the folk’s
who display  increasingly strange behavior around us.

My handyman replaced the ice maker and thing’s are back to a less dangerous daily routine.
I do not remember if there was a slip / fall / brain damage incident         🙂




  1. Excellent Recepie,by the way you have one for a nice elephant stew,otherwise i think i have one from my time in Africa,have to check my drums. Let me know
    Cheers Udo

    Liked by 1 person

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