” Nutella & Banana Ice Cream “

Here is the world’s easiest and arguably best ice cream  :



Ingredients :

Nutella,                   2 cups
Yoghurt,                  1 cup
Milk,                        2 cups
Sugar,                      1/4  cup
Vanilla extract,     1/4 tspn
Lime juice,              1 tspn
Banana,                   1 ea, finely diced

Method :

Whisk all ingredients except banana until smooth.
Transfer to ice cream maker, add banana.
Churn until starting to get firm.
Transfer to airtight container, cover, freeze overnight.

I know this might seem simplistic and unsophisticated to some foodies
and professional chef”s, but believe me, this stuff is so rich and tasty,
it put’s many a sophisticated ice cream to shame     🙂

Bon Appetit !   Life is Good !


  1. simple is good—I will try it—I love nutella—there are times when I am in a rush in the morning —have my coffee —nutella on a whole grain waffle—-breakfast on the go—-if I have time I slice a banana on top—but I have a Jack Russell dog and she is waiting at the gate—“come’ on Mom”–sometimes it’s just the coffee in a sealed cup—


  2. I discovered Nutella in Paris, on a crepe’ with bananas. Brought a jar back and thankfully now I
    can get it here! Yummy stuff!


  3. sophistication lies in the taste-experience, texture included. Therefore, no such thing as simplistic ice-cream.
    Nutella (sugar and fat) turned into ice-cream ….. and people say, you can’t buy happiness ….


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