Here  is a new take on ” Obatzter “, ” Illustrierter Camembert “, ” Verruehrter ” :
” Spicy Brie On Pear ”

Obatzter  (Obatzda)  is a traditional spread which is usually served as a snack, most famously at the  Munich  Octoberfest. It has it’s origin in the south of  Germany,  where it was a way to use leftover bit’s of cheese, which were given a new live after being mashed with butter, finely  diced  onions, beer and seasoning. The version below uses chicharones and pears instead of the more traditional bread as accompaniment.
( It’s still not exactly diet-fare  🙂





Ingredient’s  :

Pears,   thick slices, core removed
Brie,   substitute with any soft cheese you might prefer
Pork rinds,   (chicharones)
Butter,   softened
Onions,   finely diced
Caraway,   ground
Cayenne pepper,

Method :

With a dinner fork, mash the cheese coarsely. Add the soft butter , beer and seasoning and mash all together until smooth. Fold in the diced onions and scallions.
Serving suggestion :  See pictures.

Bon Appetit!   Life is Good !


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