” 10 Festivals that Celebrate Local Produce “

Excerpt from “www.bootsnall.com” :

Whether you’re looking to support local communities, broaden your cultural horizons,
or simply soak up the party atmosphere, there are hundreds of local festivals that offer
an entertaining insight into your travel destination.

From sampling witchetty grubs at New Zealand’s Wildfood Festival to mud sliding in
South Korea or munching on oyster tacos to celebrate the Californian oyster harvest,
these 10 festivals are some of the world’s most unique celebrations of local produce.

1. Wildfoods Festival, New Zealand

Fancy munching on worm truffles or slurping some chocolate-coated Huhu beetles?
Hokitika’s world-famous Wildfoods Festival is not just about forcing the weird and
wonderful onto camera-wielding tourists, it’s an important celebration of New Zealand
culture and pays homage to some of the historic foodstuffs once consumed by the island’s
inhabitants (with a creative twist, of course). There are few things not on offer here,
and culinary adventurers can line their guts with all number of bizarre delicacies from
lamb’s testicles and sheep’s brains to roasted earthworms or wasp larvae ice cream.
Wash it all down with a cup of Gorse Flower wine or Stallion’s Semen (yes, really).
For the less daring, try a whitebait patty – a regional favorite – or opt for more appealing
offerings like wild pork or whiskey sausages.

Held in March each year on the South Island’s west coast, the Wildfoods Festival draws in
some 15,000 visitors to the small town, offering an unbeatable opportunity for local
businesses to present their creations to an international audience. For best results bring
your camera, a few try-anything mates, and an empty stomach.

For 9 more festivals, click HERE

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