Schwäbischer Sauerbraten Mit Mafaldine Und Schmelze – Braised Beef In Red Wine & Vinegar Sauce

I had  this beef marinated since last sunday, so today the day has finally come : Sauerbraten 🙂
I started cooking this at 10.30 an, so by 1 pm I was finally rewarded with this wonderful dish, which was as good as any beef dish can be.
When I was a child, you could get this in most restaurants in the area where I grew up (Baden Wurttemberg) and you could also find it in many homes as sunday lunch. It is an easy dish to prepare, but boy o boy have I been served some crap labeled “sauerbraten” in a couple of so called “German Restaurants” around the world.
However, today’s sauerbraten was just perfect. Super tender but not falling apart, tart but not sauer and although I usually serve this with Semmelknödel, the Mafaldine with Schmelze were a perfect substitute.

Bon Appetit !   Lasst’s Euch Schmecken !

Schwäbischer Sauerbraten

Schwäbischer Sauerbraten

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  1. What can I say? I love sauerbraten. Potato pancakes are easily made, but I prefer it with noodles or schnitzel. One of my favorite meals while I was in Germany. After the wonderful breakfasts. There is nothing in the world like a German breakfast. There is also nothing in the world like sauerbraten. The real sauerbraten, not the knock off type I have tried in the past.

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    1. Absolut richtig! There is nothing better than an authentic German breakfast.

      I am still an advocate of having delicious potato pancakes with my Sauerbraten, call me
      a traditionalist, but there is something about the combination that does the dish justice.

      There is nothing wrong with other starches such as egg noodles or rice with Sauerbraten; however, for me personally potato pancakes are a must have.

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  2. Hi Jack,
    potato pancakes (latkes)are not a typical side dish, especially not for sauerbraten.
    Roesti on the other hand would of course fit excellent.
    However, in my opinion one should combine the food one fancies 🙂 Cheers


    1. Chef Hans, I always thought Roesti was more a Swiss influenced recipe than a Bavarian recipe.
      Naturally, tucked between Austria and Switzerland the influences must have crossed frontiers back and forth and I suppose they can all rightly claim Roesti as a traditional dish unique to the region. What is your opinion Chef, Bavarian in origin, or Swiss?


  3. Dear Chef Hans,
    thank you for bringing so many great “old fashioned” recipes back to live. Specially the Schwaebische Kueche is getting a great exposure from your postings. Great job!!!


  4. You are right. Few German restaurants get it right. My best experience was in Pomerode, Brazil (99%) German. I was in heaven for three days. The sausages were unbelievable with real German potatoe salad, hausenfeifer, ……

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    1. Hi Dennis,
      its Hasenpfeffer. (Rabbit stew in it’s own blood)
      I used to cook that all the time while I was an apprentice in the Black Forrest 🙂
      Cheers and Guten Appetit 🙂


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