Baked Camembert In Phyllo

Here  is a dish that takes less then five minutes to
prepare, yet is just awesome on so many levels –
taste, look’s, ease of preparation.      🙂


Ingredients :

Phyllo sheets,
Olive oil,
Camembert,   diced
Kernel corn,   blanched
Green peas,   blanched
Cilantro,   chopped
Roasted garlic paste,
Bell pepper,   diced
Cayenne pepper,

Method :

Brush four sheets of phyllo with olive oil, stack.
Mix all other ingredients, season with pepper.
Cut Phyllo sheets in half across. Top with cheese
filling, fold phyllo over cheese. Brush with olive oil,
bake at 390 until golden and cheese starts to melt.
Serve with arugula/radish in raspberry vinaigrette.

Bon Appetit !   Live is Good !


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