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I post in 50 different LinkedIn groups and a bunch of different social networks. The reason in the beginning was to expose my blog to fellow professionals and food lovers and gain an audience. To my dismay, I realize now that having spread out so much has helped the popularity of the blog tremendously, but has undermined one of the main goals of mine, which is to keep an ongoing conversation with food lovers about all things culinary. You see, most folks read and comment on  ChefsOpinion  on the linkedIn page or social network page where they receive it, which is of course a separate page for each separate group and network. So, while anywhere from none to a hundred people might comment or critique on a specific article or recipe, that comment or critique in turn will only be seen by members of this particular group or network. This of course drastically limits the scope of the conversation and exchange of ideas and opinion which would be so much more entertaining, educational and interesting if it would all happen on the same place of origin, ”  ”
So, dear friends, since chefsopinion is a free and extremely secure blog (hosted by wordpress), I would like to ask all of you to please subscribe directly to  Chefsopinion  instead of receiving it through secondary sites. This not only makes it safer for you, it would also bring us closer together as a group of food lovers and cooking enthusiast’s and let us share all comments, ideas, critiques and criticism on the one place it was meant to be shared, “ChefsOpinion

With best regards and many thank’s for your ongoing support,

Below find a few of the hundreds of comments I received on the  “Am I Obsolete ?” post.
The comments below are excerpts from the comments I received on  the “American Culinary Federation Group” on “LinkedIn”

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Am I Obsolete ? . . I love food.
I love food for the sake of food. Does that make me obsolete? Out of touch? Old fashioned? Removed? Aged? Antiquated? Archaic,? Bygone? A fossil? Moth-eaten? Out-of-date? Outm… 7 days ago Like CommentUnfollow Flag More Charles Huffman-Speech-Ai-Wed-Afternoon, Melinda Brown and 2 others like this 13 comments Giovanni

Giovanni Leopardi • Absolutely NOT…sometime i feel the same way, but then when I look in to the operations I am at the Helm of…I realize the importance of seasoned professionals in the never will find a EXPERT…SEASONED YOUNG CHEF…sure we are able to find interesting and dedicated personnel but they always will need guidance support and direction to the way forward…it is the circle of life…

Larry Dann, C.F.B.E. • Good morning Hans, I could have not said it more eloquently. And absolutely NOT are you obsolete etc. I am 51 and with the exception of one cook and one dishwasher that I have working for me am the oldest person in my kitchens. I have four properties that I am responsible for and have several cooks, sous chefs, and chefs that are all younger than me. Like you I read incessantly and am always looking for great new ideas and trends but Food is Food, and Crap is Crap. When this whole Molecular Gastronomic revolution began I felt that it was a fad (and still feel that way). Although there are certainly a few pretty cool ideas that have come from it I feel a lot of it is just a waste of valuable time and effort. Mini plates are fine too but I don’t get the fascination with them. Thomas Kellar has surely done well with them. But then there is that congress of chefs who are very talented fine culinary artists who perhaps wouldn’t know what to do with a brisket of beef, a head of cabbage, and potatoes. I love all of my guys and gals. I treat them with respect and try to teach everyone at least one or two things every week. It is always great to see that light bulb go off when they realize they are learning something new and have that “Ah Hah” moment. Although you and I may have already been doing it for 30 years. In this field experience can not be underestimated or taken for granted. I also think that an very important thing is to surround yourself with young people and really watch what they are doing and what is important to them. Not only at work but in their private life. A genuine interest is so important. I also try to keep in shape so I can keep up with them… Okay, I’m out of breath here…LOL Have a great day!

Laura Anderson • As a young professional just starting off in the culinary world I don’t believe any seasoned, professional chef could be considered obsolete. If a chef must rely on molecular science to make food then they are not, in my mind, a chef. As you said on occasion sure I like to go outside the box and try something that looks fancier than it taste but for the most part I enjoy good home cooking. Real food for people with a real appetite for something delicious!! Any chef who doesn’t think they can and have learned from the generations before us are pretentious, it all comes down to learning the basics. I believe you learn from everyone you work with, even if you are learning how not to do things you have still taken away from that experience. I want to absorb every bit of knowledge I can from the “seasoned professionals” and then take that information and make it my own. I want to make food that will take people on journeys and the only way for a young professional to become a chef is to learn from those who have gone before us. Therefore you are never obsolete, your ability to pass on knowledge should always be held in high regards!

Beautifully said Laura 🙂 Wise and smart and surely on the right path. Cheers ! Life is Good !

James Filaroski • I love food as well. The world is moving to robotic food and service and theres a lost art of doing things well, with passion. My deal with the new world of culinary profesional is they dont want to put the time we did into learning the right way. There needs to be more decipline when it comes to the younger generation. You cannot teach passion that has to be in ones sole. We are not fossils, well made quality food will always compete in the market place. I know one one to re-create fads suck as gastronomic, big plates small plates etc. Like theme restaurants they have a 3-5 year shelf life until the next one comes along. Great fresh quality food with value will always come out on top. Keep the dream alive my friends.

Kim Bisk • I also love Food… And Good Food is Good Food… No matter what the concept is… Small Plate, Traditional, Gourmet, Family Style, etc. etc… When you find the right combination of Flavors… It is Good!!! There is nothing Obsolete when the flavors are there!!!

Gerard Campione • We have finally found the true cuisine…and it is in honor of your style of dedication to good food. It is a cuisine of natural ingredients from locally sourced producers. Local farmers, ranchers, artisans using raw ingredients without preservatives, artificial colors and flavorings. To eliminate processed foods with more chemicals than essence. Your many years of using fresh, nutrient rich vegetables and animals with the knowledge of using all the parts without waste. What a unique quality in cooks that only recently has become fashionable…again. Your gifts of knowlege are much appreciated now that we finally know what you were talking about. Never stop teaching. We will eventually learn from your true cuisine.



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