Cancer Free !!! (For Now)


Got the good news this afternoon – for now, C-free 🙂
However, this needs to be checked every three months for 5 years, only then will I be declared 100% cured. But, I’ll take this for now 🙂
On my way home from the Cancer clinic, I bought a bottle of wine to celebrate.
However, it’s not fun to drink alone, so I prepared and enjoyed this soup with Bella instead.
The wine will be used to prepare sauerbraten next week    
Life is Good !


Pork Dumplings, Ramen Noodles And Nappa Cabbage in Garlicky Pork Broth



      1. Ah yes – prawns rather than “shreeump”, stuffed with scallions and pickled in kosher salt!!!! I look forward to hearing from you, soon.

        With best wishes for resumed and continuing gemütlichkeit, all round!


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  1. Chef Susser…..
    4 now….
    And in the future…..God willing!!!!
    GR8 news….
    Enjoy your wine with Bella….
    Dinner in Delray soon we hope….
    OKTOBERFEST in Lake Worth ends 2moro….
    Your friend,
    FauxChef Bobby Delray….lol

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      1. We’ll have you over soon for a lovely celebratory thank you God meal because:
        Stay tuned….Bella’s invited too!!!

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  2. Hello my friend –
    Super happy to hear the good news and I have claimed that truth for you also. Glad to see you up and about and super hyped about your trip to Costa Rica, that is my home. Oftentimes, I do not respond to your posts because it is difficult to penetrate this system, but you have my support and may a Merciful God continue to bless and comfort you in your travels trough life. Much love and blessings.
    Your pal
    Marlene Mrie


    1. Hi Marlene,
      Thank you for your kind words 🙂
      God has been merciful and I have been in remission since about one month. Now I have to check every 3 months for the next fife years to see if the cancer has been eliminated for the time being or, hopefully, for good 🙂
      I am back from Costa Rica and it was wonderful 🙂
      Take care my friend,
      Happy cooking 🙂
      Life is Good !


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