” Morons ! “

Russ Orford on :

” Why are chefs so poorly compensated? “

Hi all enjoy this , it was sent to me by a chef friend
Conversation I just had over the phone for an early Birthday Dinner. (8 people)
*note I don’t usually disclose my rates but for this I must. Because of a close affiliation
To a friend / colleague I waved my usual flat rate and quoted at $25.00 per hour. (4 hours work..Steal!!!) Any way…

sir; “Your menu looks great and I’ve heard your food is wonderful!”
me; “Thank you. I do my best.”
Sir: “However you rates seem a bit high for me, can you come down a bit. I was quoted by another at $18.00 per hour.”
Me: “Really? Great I’d go with him then.”
Sir; “That’s it? No negotiations?”
Me: “I have already come down quite a bit here…”
Sir: “ I understand that but your competition is lower.”
Me; “I see that. I am, unfortunately unable to match that. If the price is right for you then go with him or her.”
Sir; “I don’t get it? You aren’t even trying to come down.”
Me: “No.”
Sir; “But don’t you want my business?”
Me: “Of course. But I can’t work with those prices. Again Sir. Go with the other if it suites you.”
Sir: “You’re not a very good businessman are you?”
Me: “……………….I am Chef. An artist. An artisan. I am a service professional. I provide a great service for those who want it. Am I to understand that you are having drinks and dancing for 30-40 people after dinner?”
Sir: “Yes.”
Me; “You’ve hired a bartender and a DJ?”
Sir “Yes”
Me: “How much are you paying them?”
Sir: “$30.00 an hour for the bartender. And $125.00 and hour for the DJ.”
Me; “Sir. This conversation is over. God Bless!”

Thank God I love what I do.

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