Dear Friends,
It is with pride and happiness that I can announce another inclusion of “ChefsOpinion” into a ” Best Of ” list by a prestigious hospitality publication, “Hospitality 21
To read the article and to find out more about the other inductees, click the link below:
Thank you Hospitality 21 and all friends, readers and subscribers of ChefsOpinion .
Bon Appetit !   Life is Good !

Chef Hans Susser

Chef Hans Susser



  1. Dear Chef Hans:

    We are delighted that you were selected into the “Best of” Hospitality 21 Publication. You are certainly deserving of this inclusion, in this prestigious Hospitality Publication, a world famous
    Executive Chef, with an impressive culinary background, who has accomplished much in
    his year 50 year career, with an impressive set of credentials that are truly unmatched, anywhere world! Chef Hans, congratulations for your continued commitment to hospitality,
    and the culinary career, that you have accomplished, through hard work, and your love
    for the kitchen!

    Thank you too, for all that you shared with us, in your almost daily Chef’s Opinion. The recipes
    that I have amassed, since signing up, hold a special place in my recipe library, and a
    treasure for all who enjoy the very best of a culinary experience, both for the novice cook,
    and a seasoned Gourmet!

    All the best in hospitality!

    John R.Vicente CHA/3D
    Managing Director
    Mid-Cities Lodging Associates

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