” Beer Braised Turkey Leg’s “

Last night’s dinner brought out the very best one can get from turkey legs’s:
Tender, juicy, loaded with flavor, accompanied by a wonderful herbed rice.
In my opinion, turkey doesn’t get much better than that  🙂



Turkey :

Ingredients :

Turkey legs,                bone in
Morcilla,                     diced
Beer,                             a bottle or two of your favorite
Bell peppers,              diced
Onions,                       diced
Garlic,                          paste
Scallions,                    sliced
Oregano                      “Litehouse” freeze dried
Basil                             “Litehouse” freeze dried
Chives                          “Litehouse” freeze dried
Grape tomatoes
Tomato sauce            canned
Oil,                               to sautee

Method :

Saute legs in oil until golden, remove and reserve.
Sautee peppers, remove, reserve.
Sautee onions and garlic until translucent, add Morcilla, tomato sauce
and beer, return leg’s and half the peppers to the sauce.
Add salt and pepper and simmer until legs are tender. Shortly before the
end of the cooking process, carefully remove legs into another pot.
Strain sauce onto legs, add remaining peppers, tomatoes and chives.
Bring back to simmer for one more minute and serve.

Rice :

Ingredients :

Jasmin Rice,             soaked for two hours, washed repeatedly
Butter                          melted
Herbs                         fresh or freeze dried
Salt & cayenne pepper to taste

Method :

Cook rice in boiling plain water for approximately 4 minute, or until tender but not mushy (Polo Method)
Strain rice and with a fork mix in the butter, seasoning and herb’s.
Bon Appetit !   Life is Good !

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