Serrano Ham, Morcilla, And A New Car

Dear Friends,

After the most recent hurricane, I have decided beautiful Florida is not for me anymore.
I am currently in Germany to scout for a new place to live. I will spend one month in Germany, a few days in Austria and a few days in Spain (where I am presently at).
Being with friends every day does not afford me to spend much time at the Computer, but I will at least try to show you a few of the “goodies” I encounter along the way 🙂
This morning, breakfast gifted me with the pleasure of eating the tastiest sausage ever, among many other outstanding, beautiful and yummy local products.
Later on, my friends Gaby and Ralf took me to the local market, which had an incredible abundance of local produce, fruits, meats, and seafood.  However, for me, the most outstanding moment came when I found this ham vendor.
Less than $ 20.00 for 1/2 an entire Serrano ham !!!

Aaahhhhh, Life is Good ! 🙂

Best Sausage – EVER !


1/2 entire Serrano Ham – Less than $ 20.00 – Paradise 🙂


My new baby…… 🙂 
Most everything set. Just need to buy a new apartment and I am done. Let the new Life begin …….. 🙂


  1. Dear Hans,

    You don’t understand how much happiness you have just brought to our hearts. That’s our old friend back and we are so glad that you are enjoying life over there, it’s about time! Thank you for listening to us. You know we love you and want to see you smiling and really practicing your slogan “Life is good!”

    We’ll follow you soon. Life there is truly a quality one.

    Love you, my friend.

    Chacha and Dieter

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    1. Dear Chacha and Dieter,
      it seems that my life has just re-started.
      It feels so safe here 🙂
      I feel that once I moved here for good within the next few months, I can truly just live, without worrying what else the government will pick from my pocket next.
      We’ll talk in a couple of weeks 🙂
      Love 🙂


  2. I wish you every happiness of the move, Hans: back to gemütlichkeit! Everyone has their own roots and needs. I have a son working in Orlando: he survived the hurricanes; but I do not think that he will remain there. I have found the US a good place to visit; but the culture is not for me. Not everybody is the same, however.

    I like your pictures of the market. After the fall of what was euphemistically called “socialism”, I was sent by various international aid agencies to work with new governments, mainly on legislative drafting. I got everywhere from Central Europe to Central Asia; and one of my greatest delights, after having looked at places which I had read about but thought I should never see, was to explore their food – and I used to get people to take me to the markets whee local people bought their food. There was great satisfaction and delight in that, and there were lessons as to how people really lived, as opposed to what one was shown in the international chains of hotels.

    Relax and enjoy yourself: you have more important things to do for yourself at the moment than to pound the keys. I went hunting with a golden eagle in Kyrgyzstan, and only got shot at once (in Kosovo). I wouldn’t have missed any of it; and nor should you as you make your new start

    Bless you


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  3. Welcome back to Europe 🙂
    As for the Serrano ham: there are many grades so it is worth looking into. I am not familiar with the grades for Serrano, but for Iberico the flavor is very different based on the breed (100% iberico or 50%) and the feed (100% acorns or less). I rather spend a bit more or buy a smaller piece and get the really good stuff.

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