” Vegetarian Yaki Udon “

There are literally thousands of different types of pasta available to us, not including the many types we are able to easily make ourself at home.
If I ever had to pick  THE ONE, THE ONLY  pasta for that lonely island I’d be stuck at for a long time,  together with the only song (Kashmir), the only woman (Maria), the only drink (Iced Tea) and the only book ( So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish, by Douglas Adams) , it would definitely be “Udon”.
In my opinion, udon is the ultimate , most versatile, most satisfying pasta. Readily available in most asian food stores, either fresh or frozen, udon is a great culinary delight. Their ability to hold on to any sauces they are paired with makes them the ideal slurping pasta for a comfortable, homy meal. Last night, this is how I used udon for dinner :

” Vegetarian Yaki Udon ”


Listen to  Kashmir 🙂

Another udon dish I prepared at home, this one with protein.

Yaki Udon Video
Bon Appetit !    Life is Good !

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