Stew Of Black Beans, Chicken & Baby Rainbow Carrots

After  a hearty, early breakfast today, I skipped lunch, so at 4.00 pm hunger was knocking strongly and I felt like having something rustic to eat.
It was too late to soak dried beans of any kind, so I opened a can of black beans, peeled some potatoes, cleaned a few baby rainbow carrots and chopped up and seasoned a chicken I bought the day before. After only about 15 minutes prep and another 45 minutes of cooking time, this beautiful, tasty dish was on the table :

Spicy Stew Of Black Beans, Chicken, Potato & Baby Rainbow Carrots

Spicy Stew Of Black Beans, Chicken, Potato & Baby Rainbow Carrots


Ingredient’s :

Chicken stock
Potatoes,   cut into wedges, cooked, tossed in butter and parsley
Black beans,   canned, rinsed
Chicken,   cut into 16 pieces
Baby rainbow carrots,
Onion,   finely diced
Scallion,   sliced
Garlic,   paste,
Tomato paste,
Scotch bonnet hot sauce,
Apple cider vinegar,
Red wine,
Kosher salt,
Black pepper corn,   freshly ground
Bay leaf,
Olive oil,
Parsley,   chopped

Method :

Season chicken with salt and black pepper, saute in olive oil until golden brown, add onions and garlic, continue to saute until fragrant, add tomato paste, deglaze with wine. Add stock, thyme, bay leaf and carrots and simmer until chicken and carrots are done, about twenty minutes. Adjust salt and pepper if necessary, add a bit of vinegar and scotch bonnet sauce to taste. Finaly, add potatoes and sprinkle with scallions.

Bon Appetit !   Life is Good !
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