Tomato Bisque

This is one of those soups where I have to make enough for two day’s,
because one meal of it’s goodness is just not enough to satisfy the quarterly
craving that  is nagging me    🙂



Ingredients :

Tomatoes,       15 lbs
Onions,              1 lb
Celery,                 1 lb
Garlic,                 8 oz coarsely chopped
Rice,                    4 oz uncooked
Olive oil,             1/2 cup
Heavy cream,     2 cup
Chicken stock    1 gall
Oregano,             1 bdl
Basil,                    1 bdl
Cayenne,             to taste
Salt,                      to tase

Method :

Add all Ingredients except cream to a large stock pot and simmer for about 2,5 hours.
Blend until VERY smooth. Add cream and simmer for another 15 minutes.
Adjust seasoning and serve.

Note :
Bisques were originally thickened with rice.
This made the bisque smoother and silkier than using flour or other thickeners.

Bon Appetit !   Life is Good ! 



  1. Now we’re talking. This is the second recipe I learned in France after mastering ‘le baguette’. Putting the two together and driving that final piece of bread around the bottom of the soup bowl is still a much cherished memory.

    My teaching Chef liked us to julienne some Prosciutto to sit in the bottom of the bowl, just about a tablespoons worth, which he said was always nice to find. He’d also add some fresh chopped Basil to sit on top of the bisque as a final garnish, about a teaspoons worth. He always insisted we thicken with a flour-butter-creme roux; however, the rice addition sounds an excellent idea.

    Rich, aromatic, flavorful and incredibly satifying. All you’ll need to make this recipe complete is a comfy armchair by a glowing fire and a good book.

    As Chef Hans always says; “La vie est belle!” (Life is good!).


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