Watch Barbara Lynch & Other Female Industry Leaders Talk About Women in the Food World

Image Source: Boston Globe Sunday Magazine

Image Source: Boston Globe Sunday Magazine

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ChefsOpinion :

Has there been any point made during this “discussion” ? 
I love a good chef / cook in the kitchen and respect any gender if you are good at what you are doing. Our industry is not “male dominated” besides the fact that the majority of cooks and chefs ARE male. The vast majority of cooks / chefs are male because until fairly recently, our job required 14/16 hour workdays, 6 or seven days a week, you sweat like an animal, no time to eat, the pay sucked, after work you stink like a pig because of all the sweat, smoke, steam and stuff splattered  all over you. Those are just a few of the negatives we had to deal with on a daily basis. Being a chef was never a dream profession, almost everybody became a cook apprentice because of practical reasons (maybe the family owned a restaurant, maybe there was nothing else in the region so the kid had to go somewhere with room and board provided, etc. Most woman were lucky enough to be able to avoid these circumstances. It seems everybody has forgotten the “good old times. These day’s, all workers, male or female, are protected by labor laws and (most of the time) by the good manners of their male colleagues. Don’t forget, MOST young cooks gave up their profession at an early stage back in the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s because they could not handle it for a life time. It’s all in the numbers ladies and gentlemen – have the majority of professional chefs and cooks be female and THEY will dominate the business 🙂 Some of the greatest chefs were and are women but there are just not enough numbers ( yet? ) for you all to project anything else but a minority status, YOU need to change that !

Life is Good !   Don’t waste it with crap !


  1. Couldn’t get my Internet to work well enough to play the video Hans, but you didn’t paint a very good picture of what it’s like to work in a professional kitchen. It actually sounded a lot like working in a farm kitchen, cooking for the farm hands, only I didn’t have to deal with several items on the menu each day. I chose the meat, vegetable, starch, and sides, and whether there would be dessert or not. The only difference would be that there were no sous chefs, no help of any kind, and I also had to pick and can the vegetables from the garden, raise the kids, do the laundry, clean the house, do the shopping, bathe the kids, and still try to keep myself from falling apart in the process. More like an 18 hour day for a farm wife. Sorry, shouldn’t be exploding all over your blog. But a chef has it made compared to a farm wife. We didn’t get paid for what we did, only more abuse by an overworked husband when he finally came in at night and took his frustrations out on me.

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