“Escargot Bourguignon” (Snails in Garlic–Herb Butter)


I cannot recall when I have last seen this classic dish on a restaurant menu. What a shame, since this is such a delightful, easy to prepare dish. As for my dinner today, I do have the shells, forks and escargot tongs at home, but since this is just for myself  and not a dinner party, I prefer to serve them as I’ve done here, in a ovenproof dish, accompanied by simple bread to soak up ALL the garlic butter.
Here are my two pet peeves about this dish when I eat it in a restaurant :

1)  If the snails are too large !
2) If the butter is not seasoned properly nor has enough parsley !

1) At home, I cut the very large snails in half. Much more pleasant to eat.
Voilà ! Problem solved 🙂
2) I make sure I add plenty of garlic, freshly ground black pepper and lot’s of chopped parsley.
Voilà ! No problem to start with 🙂


 Escargot Bourguignon

Escargot Bourguignon



Ingredient’s :

Snails,   canned, rinsed
Butter,   unsalted
Red wine,   (I prefer merlot)
Shallots,   finely diced (I used onion)
Garlic,   paste
Flat leaf parsley,   finely chopped
Black pepper,   freshly ground
Sea salt,

Method :

Saute onions and garlic until fragrant. Add red wine, simmer until almost evaporated. Add butter, season with salt and pepper. Heat butter until starting to brown in small spots. Add escargots, simmer until all liquid has evaporated again. Remove from heat, stir in most of the parsley. To serve, sprinkle with more parsley.




  1. I adore escargot. Whole Foods has frozen escargot in the shells that are surprisingly delicious and easy to make — just heat them up in the oven. For those in NYC, Singe Vert and Benoit have great escargot appetizers.

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