100.000 Hits ! Thank You All !

Dear Friend’s,

I am proud and happy to report that today ChefsOpinion has passed the 100.00 hits mark. This despite the fact that I am doing this in my spare time after work and that 99.9 % of all the food featured was cooked and photographed by myself at home. When I started this blog back in april of 2012 I never thought I would be able to find so many like minded folks out there who, like me, enjoy and appreciate ALL good food, but are down to earth and truthful enough to admit that on a daily basis, REAL food ( and real opinions) is what we crave the most.
So once again, thank you all for your loyalty and I hope I will see you hanging around ChefsOpinion for many years to come.

Best Regard’s,

Next goal : 1.000.000 Hits.
You can help me by subscribing and spreading the word 🙂
2013-03-10 05.46.13 pm.


  1. Congrats Hans! Enjoy your blog. Professional and “real”. Also motivates me to get off my behind after work and do something productive! Keep it up Brother


  2. Conggratulation and a good start towards the 1 million Chef,s Opinion. CHEF ROLF EIRING CEC

    On Sun, Mar 10, 2013 at 5:48 PM, ChefsOpini


  3. Chef Hans, congratulations! I have a fabulous Teriyaki Marinade, Maui Maid Teriyaki, that I would love for you to try! It is unlike any other Teriyaki out there… Would be happy to send yyou samples. Our natural varieties are gluten free and all our sauces are Non-GMO Verified.


  4. Congratulations Chef:) I just posted a blog entry that mentioned you … and the class your taught at Le Cordon Bleu, Cusine Across Cultures… Remember the Matzoh ? I posted a Gluten Free Recipe for Matzoh based on the recipe from your class:) Have a great day:)


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